What could be more beautiful than a cool tattoo? And besides, which of us at least once did not think about filling ourselves with something memorable or just daring?

If you’re brave enough to apply something to your body that won’t wash off with soap and water, read on.

Everything you need to know before sitting down in a chair with your sleeves rolled up in front of a frenzied needle is in our material.

In the past few years, black and white styles have been gaining momentum: graphics, dotwork, ornaments. Nevertheless, the classics – Japan, old school – are no less popular than before. Each style has its own contingent. I do not advise making inscriptions – they usually get bored quickly, and the carrier is often ready to cover the once dear message to descendants with anything, even blackwork. The same applies to copies of other people’s tattoos. It’s just disrespect for yourself.

Tattoos made by a professional master are always relevant. If you know what I mean.

The pain threshold is individual for everyone. Men and women endure pain in the same places in different ways. In my experience, girls are more likely to tolerate back pain. Places such as ribs, abdomen, hands, head are more painful than others. Clients feel the most relaxed pain in the shoulder or forearm.