About This Custom Tattoo Design Gig

I am currently a student in computer graphics and also a fan of art and design. I specialize in image manipulation and photo editing. That means I design my tattoos using photos and subsequently adding shading and light to harmonize the composition.

My tattoo designing proceedings:

  • To help me visualize your custom tattoo design idea(s), I will need a clear, detailed description. If necessary, I will also need a few references if you have a clear idea of what you want.
  • Then, I will send you a sketch of the design for unlimited revisions. (which will take me about 3-5 hours).
  • After that, I’ll add some background/shading/light to make everything harmonize.
  • Once this step is completed, I will send you the final work for final revision(s). I’ll then work on any further modifications to suit your taste.
  • Your final product would then be delivered to you.

Thank You.