Please contact me before ordering so I can help you with your request and which package to choose for create your tattoo design.

I’m a tattoo & illustrator artist and also graphic designer for the last six years.

If you are looking for a tattoo design with bright colors, abstract shapes, patterns and textures, we can create an unique design tattoo for you.

My goal is not to fit into a specific category of tattoo design. I bring diversity of elements, textures and dynamics in my projects to bring out a singularity in itself.

Let’s create something unique for you!

Send me your idea in this format:

1. What location on your body do you want a tattoo

2. Take a picture of the location

3. Describe the concept of your idea (what elements you want to include, the context, the color palette;

4. Submit some images that illustrate what you want to include in your design and the aesthetics that you looking for