Good day, I’m glad to see you in my gig page!


I need to know every detail of your idea to get started, we can also generate an idea together, this is why I ask you to write to me in advance 🙂

Please read the features of my work:

1. This gig is a project with part of fully hand-drawn elements, they can be drawn and redrawn from references for the best result;

2. If you want some elements drawn without references (unique art interpretation from me), please let me know before you order;

3. The photos that you send to me can be used in the work, they will be retouched and perfectly fit into the work;

4. I can use references from the Internet, redrawing them in my own style and adding details above if I think it will be better for the design;

5. Please notice that I use digital resourses for work, inc. photos if I need it.

In general: I’ll use all the elements that possible, all the skills I have to create a perfect design for you!

I’ve been a tattoo artist and designer for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the future design. Tattoo will be with you all your life, so a good design is the first step to achieve your dream!