About This Gig

Hey guys,

I’m a tattoo-artist and running a successful business for 8 years. (http://instagram.com/mrvnttt)

Because of another Lockdown in our country, I got a month free and available to make some cool tattoo designs.

I don’t know if I will continue this offer after that, but definitely until the end of November.

So this is your chance to get a nice tattoo design from me, without traveling the way to Germany.

Linework, Dotwork, Fineline, Geometric

I will include instructions for your tattooer on how I would do the tattoo and what materials I would use for an additional fee.

Why should you choose me, instead of the hundreds of others here?

I am a real tattooer with more than 8 years of work experience.

So I exactly know how to create a design that is not only amazing but also tattooable.

Often you get a design, and your tattoo artist isn’t really able to put it exactly like that on your skin.

This is because the designer doesn’t have the experience of how a tattoo works and how to design in a way that lasts over the years.

Remember, your skin is not paper, and your tattooer is not a printer, some things that work digitally don’t really work on the skin.