I will create a custom geometry tattoo for you, after listening to all the details you provide me, the design will fit you perfectly. To get started I just need a picture of the area to be tattooed.

I’ve been studying the history, the artists, the styles and how to tattoo them for 5 years now. I tattoo out of my own studio and have multiple artists working for with me. Together we can design any tattoo you want. I personally thrive for personal growth as an artist & graphic designer.

If you’re shopping for your next tattoo design, make sure to ask a tattoo artist. Not all drawings can be tattooed and a lot of the other gigs on here aren’t by tattoo artists. I create professional tattoo-ready design, any custom specifications, size, area and style. You will be provided a stencil file to give to your artist and a final shaded reference.

Why choose me?

  • Outstanding Professional Work.
  • Extra Fast Delivery.
  • Reasonable Cost.
  • Unlimited Revision .
  • Quick Time Delivery Turnaround.

Please feel free to message if you have any questions or special request.

look forward to serving you!

Thanks and Regards.

Jeffer Son