About This Gig

If you need a  new tattoo
If you need to Cover up your old tattoo
If you need Unique work
If you have an idea, but you can’t put them together
If you need to add more details to your current tattoo
If you met with an apprentice artist before and you want to save your current tattoo

That  GIG is for YOU. It does not matter which type of Tattoo design do you need. I am open to all kinds of styles!

Realism, Maori, Religionist, Flowers, Old School, New School, Black & Gray, etc.

5***** Rated  Designer on Fiverr

I will inform you during the tattoo design process, so you don’t even need revisions.

Step 1:  You tell me what you want.
Step 2:  I do a design and message you.
Step 3:  You tell me your opinion and tell me the changes I have to make.
Step 4:  I do the changes doesn’t matter how many time if I need to change it until you Love it!
Step 5:  You say, You are so happy with the design.
Step 6:  I deliver your design.

I have 100% control over my business; when you book me, you will not only book a design. You will book about my experiences since I’ve built them in 15 years.