About This Gig

To match exactly to your expectations I would ask you to send some reference examples before making an Order.

You are just a few days from your future tattoo* (T-shirt print, pattern embroidery, or ornament engraving**) So, let the project begin!

Quick Disclaimer: Sorry, but I don’t draw people thank you for understanding!

Here is a quick Legend for the Levels arrangement:

Level A:  simple one-color tattoo sketch for small body areas (ankles, wrist..)

Level B:  for more detailed tattoo design/animal custom designs / calligraphic lettering

Level C:  custom ornaments for chest areas/half sleeves

Level D: full sleeve drawing

*in case you have some unique project, please, do contact me before the Order, I’ll consult you and provide the suitable Offer

** in case of planning to use it in a commercial way, you’ll need to Purchase ‘Commercial Use’ extra. I grant you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license for Permitted Commercial Purposes.

I remain the principal Copyright holder of the artwork done by me (however purchasing for Ownership rights are presumable and negotiable)